Frequently Asked Questions
The purpose of the site is an advertising site. For those who want to earn oneline, Clickads will enable them to earn money by clicking ads and participating in points and referrals contests. For Advertisers, Clickads will enable them to use the Sign up bonus ($ 2) in advertising services. Aslo, the site has cheap advertising packages. Also, There is Traffic exchange bonus : for Each 10 clicks the member will gain 500 credit (banner ad) and 300 credits (Ptc ad). 

Can I rent/buy referrals

Renting referrals is not allowed now. Buying referrals is allowed but no body can guarantee their performance.

Can I change username ?

No, you can not change your user name.

How many ads should I click to earn from my referrals ?

Six ads per day to earn from your referrals.

Accepted Ads

We accept all kinds of advertisments, But, there are some sites which are not accepteable, such as :  nudity , religions, gambling, racism and spam sites. If members advertise any of these sites, the admin has the full right to suspend and or delete this account.